【DIY]Leather Craft—Making a handmade leather watch strap for iwatch

A detailed video show how does a leather watch strap been made. Hope you can learn from this. And f you need the material, I can provide. And welcome to leave a message for your support.

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leather craft

18 Replies to “【DIY]Leather Craft—Making a handmade leather watch strap for iwatch”

  1. MihGen

    Отличная работа. Подскажите, как называется белый материал. Видимо он ставится для жесткости. Спасибо за ответ.

  2. BP Ink & Iron

    this AWESOME!!! thankyou for sharing I learnt so much — the shaping, use of the molding block, the pattern and the reinforcement — I'v got notifications on you channel so I dont miss any of your videos 🙂
    What thickness of materials are you using for the leather and reinforcement?


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