⚫ Leather Cleaner. How to Make Your Own Leather Cleaner Chemical Free. ♦DIY CAM♦

Leather Cleaner. How to Make Your Own Leather Cleaner Chemical Free. ♦DIY CAM♦
Along with cleaning and organizing your home, keeping your leather furniture in great shape is a must once the weather starts getting warmer. Fresh Spring air and hot Summer sun can cause cracks and dryness in your favorite leather furnishings, which doesn’t make for a happy house. Instead of spending money on expensive cleaners and cleansers, make your own with ingredients you have in your kitchen. Free of any chemicals, this eco-friendly cleaner does an awesome job at refreshing all your leather furnishings. And did we mention that it costs basically nothing to make?

What You’ll Need:
Paper towels
1/4 cup vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil
10 drops lemon or orange essential oil (optional)
Small bowl

Start by vacuuming your leather furniture, removing any bits of food and dust lurking about. Then gently wipe the leather item with a damp paper towel.
Mix together the vinegar and olive oil in a small container, whisking to incorporate. The oil and vinegar won’t completely come together because the liquids have different densities. The vinegar gently cleans the leather, and the olive oil breaks up dirt and stains while conditioning the furniture. Adding essential oil gives the cleaner a nice scent, which leaves your furnishings smelling fresh.
Dip a clean paper towel into the homemade cleaner and then gently rub on a small test area of the leather item. Let dry for 20 minutes and check for discoloration before coating furniture. Working in a circular motion, coat the entire piece, rubbing the cleaner into the leather. Use a clean and dry paper towel to gently wipe down the furniture, removing any remaining oil. Now sit back and enjoy your freshly cleaned leather!

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9 Replies to “⚫ Leather Cleaner. How to Make Your Own Leather Cleaner Chemical Free. ♦DIY CAM♦”

  1. stlqt09

    I just applied this method on a small leather love seat and now the couch looks super dull and it did not clean it as you stated that it would. Now it smells like a vaginal douche throughout my whole house. I'm spraying Febreze. I have got a pot of potpourri going on the stove, and I am moping with Pinesol just to get this hideous smell out of here. This does not work! It only makes your house smell like a big clean puss df?! smfh

  2. Jones4Leather

    VERY BAD IDEA. I am a leather care professional. If your leather is absorbent (water soaks in or leaves a dark spot while wet) then it cannot be cleaned by anything. If water beads up, then the leather has a protective color coating, which can be cleaned. HOWEVER, some of the cleaner will always be absorbed into the leather through seams, cracks, scratches, and microscopic pores that are all over the color coating. Vinegar cleans the color coating but is is way too acidic for the leather itself – repeated use will age leather faster. And it keeps doing more damage forever. Olive oil will oxidize = darken and turn rancid – and may attract bugs and pets.
    It is worth using products specifically made for leather. A very effective Leather Cleaner is available from ADV Leather, a small family company that also does leather care. It's their own formula – and it's amazing stuff. You can apply with an exfoliating glove (soft mesh) or terry cloth to get down into the grain texture. Light color leather will gradually acquire ground-in dirt and dye transfer from clothes, newsprint. Cleaning frequently will prevent ground in dirt. Once it's ground in, the only solution is to apply a new color coating. I've seen light tan leather that was sat in daily for several hours, and the surfaces touched were cleaned every 1 to 2 weeks – and the leather was still the original color 20 years later!


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