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Back to leatherworking projects! This time I made a bag, a gift to my girlfriend for our anniversary. Xoxo
The design is really simple with very few parts but it still took a long time to make all by hand, specially the finishing process that I thought was going to be much quicker!
I want this present to be as much as possible handmade, that’s why I also forged my own rings out of brass round stock, I doubt it’s cheaper than buying rings online but they do feel and look great.
The only material other than brass (and leather of course) it’s olive wood burl for the locking mechanism.
The bag measure 25x18cm (10x7inch) and it’s around 6cm (2.36inch) thick.

At the end of the video you might see two difference in the finished bag:
I decided to stain the back side of the shoulder belt as it looked a bit unfinshed otherwise.
On the locking loop I added two small pieces of olive wood burl to complement the lock better.

I also want to mention the two inspiration for this bag design.
He made a bag forming the sides like I did here (I think at least, I can’t find the precise video)
Dark Horse Workshop:
You have to check his video if you want to learn more about leatherworking, so many usefull information! I made the lock as the one he made here:

Index of operation and materials:
0:02 2mm (0.08inch) thick leather
0:40 Cut plywood pieces to make the wet forming mold for the two sides
2:12 Forming leather with vise pressure
3:04 Contact Cement (Contact adhesive)
4:00 Trimming sides flush with main leather piece
4:28 Beveling tool used every time a cut is made to break the corners of the leather
5:04 Dyeing edges with brown leather dye, rubbing it on also makes the edges smoother
5:27 Fork punch used to mark stiches position
5:45 Holes are then drilled with 2.5mm Bit
6:25 Stitching with waxed thread going over the border for extra fancy look
7:11 Cutting front to size and shape
7:30 Make two ring out of 4mm round brass stock
8:30 Also badly soldered the ends, pretty sure it’s not needed since brass work hardens very quickly, I can’t bend back the rings
12:00 Shoulder belt parts, I could have made it out of a single piece if I had one long enough.
13:04 Grooving tool to add decorative grooves
13:50 Puch holes for the lock loop
14:00 Small strip of the same leather rounded with sandpaper and dyed
14:18 Olive Wood Burl, cut to size, sanded square on the 2×72 belt grinder, drilled with 2.5mm bit and ground to shape again with the 2×72 belt grinder
14:54 Groove for the thread to sit in carved with chisel
15:08 Boiled linseed oil as finish
15:50 Alcohol is used to rub off some of the finish of the leather, with the help of fine steel whool. I like the look of the leather much more if it’s not uniform
17:04 Marking with the hot branding iron I made a while back
Off camera I applied matt leather finish all over the bag.

For those asking where to find tools:
I bought mine some years ago when I was starting to make leather sheaths. I went for the cheapest I was able to find. Have been working great so far! Can’t find exactly the one I have but the following are pretty much the same and any similar ones will work aswell. Here is all the stuff I used for this project:
Stitching punches
Hole punches
Leather dye
Leather finish
Waxed thread
Yes, these are all affiliate links, buy wherever you want.

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
Suggestions and comments are welcome.
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