Making a Minimalist Leather Wallet (with RED painted edges!!!)


Making a Minimalist Leather Wallet (with RED edges!!!)

One of the most requested leather crafting projects we get is the minimalist leather wallet. This is a nice simple version of a minimalist leather wallet with two card slots and a bill slot – the leather wallet is minimalist in it’s construction, made 4 layers thick with 2-3oz natural vegetable tanned leather. We made this minimalist leather wallet to be slim for a front pocket, but fit lots of cards if you need them! The leather wallet is made using natural vegetable tanned leather, and hand sewn with polyester threads. We then painted the edges a nice maroon color to fancy it up a bit, but a nice natural burnish on the edges of the leather would work just as well! When you’re making a minimalist leather wallet, it’s important to use a nice thin leather to keep the initial bulk of the leather wallet down – we chose a beautiful 2-3oz natural vegetable tanned leather that will resist stretch over time.

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35 Replies to “Making a Minimalist Leather Wallet (with RED painted edges!!!)”

  1. Carlos Suarez

    Good afternoon, on your page I saw a blue wallet for cards (card holder) I saw it with the name of "Indigo Collection", I would like it but "double" bone with that slot that it takes to facilitate the sliding and in the middle to be able to put cards or money. (I don't know if I explain myself). Say if it is more written but use a translator. Thank you.


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