Making A Leather Dog Collar (by Hand!)

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Making A Leather Dog Collar By Hand

Razzberry is Kayleena’s pup, and she hangs out with us at the shop every day. She also likes to roll around in everything she finds – and thus, her collar gets rather stinky. We made her a new leather dog collar out of natural vegetable tanned leather with brass hardware. It’s a lined collar so it’s extra comfortable for her (though she’s admittedly rarely on a leash!).

Making a leather dog collar is fairly simple and a good beginner project. Just make sure to stitch the whole strap for strength, as the tug of a larger dog can stretch and weaken leather without stitching. Also make sure that when you make your leather dog collar, the most smooth parts of your hardware and trim are facing inwards as to not hurt your pup.


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